James Niggemeyer

B.A.S.S Elite Angler and Guide on Lake Fork

The Yamaha SHO Four Stroke is quiet, dependable, powerful and economical...its a tournament fishermans dream! Four stroke engines are the wave of the future and the engineers at Yamaha have raised the bar with the new V Max SHO. In the competitive bass fishing world effectiveness and efficiency are paramount to success. To have an engine that has a faster hole shot, greater acceleration, easier on fuel and able to produce a better overall top end speed the Yamaha SHO is the clear winner!

Cabela's My earliest memories of the outdoors included my Dad’s Cabela’s catalog. I spent hours making a mental wish list as a young angler. They have everything for the outdoors from what you put on your feet to what you put on the end of your line, which is why I am very exited and honored to announce my newest sponsor Cabela’s! I will be joining their Pro Staff for 2012. Known as the “Worlds Foremost Outfitter” Cabela’s is a leader in hunting and fishing retail. The serve the needs of the outdoor enthusiast from their website, numerous “destination” store locations across the country and through their catalogs.

GEICO In the affordable auto insurance market none is better than Government Employee Insurance Company. Widely recognized for auto insurance, the GEICO Gecko also offers “GEICO for your boat” I travel our countries highways and waterways to compete in every condition imaginable, so having quality insurance is a must!

Ranger Boats is iconic in the sport of bass fishing and synonymous with premium quality bass boats. I'm pleased to represent the brand, be a part of a great team and excited to fish from a Ranger boat as I compete across the country and while guiding on Lake Fork in Texas.

Raymarine The difference between getting an idea for whats below your boat and clearly knowing is huge in competitive bass fishing so the choice for Raymarine is an easy one. Raymarine continually raises the bar by offering the most dependable and finest technology available for every type of vessel from kayak to yacht.

St. Croix has a rich history of manufacturing the finest rods from tip to butt right here in the U.S.A. Avid multi species anglers them selves, so they understand what fisherman want from their equipment and take it to the next level. They utilize the finest components and cutting edge manufacturing processes, which allow them to continue to be the largest producer of rods in North America.

Strike King Lure Company is royalty in the bass fishing industry. I am honored to be a member of the best pro staff assembled under one brand. Strike King Lure Co. has always been known as “#1 in Spinnerbaits.” Now that is said of the whole line of Strike King lures as they have the hottest and winningest baits in the tackle industry today. Offering a wide array of hardbaits, softbaits, jigs, topwaters and their prized wire baits that set the bar for the industry. Strike King Lure Company manufactures the lures that allow anglers to maximize the day whether out for an afternoon at the pond or fishing the last day of the Bassmaster Classic.

Gamma produces the strongest Fluorocarbon line I have ever spool on reel period! They produce this by Molecularly Altering the line, which makes it strong, manageable and very abrasion resistant. Gamma makes a line for all your angling needs including a high quality Co-Polymer, Fluorocarbon leader materials and Fly-fishing leaders. I choose Gamma Edge for all my casting reels and Gamma Touch for lighter weights like 9lb and below and for spinning equipment. The Co-polymer is my choice for surface lures as well as other specific applications. Gamma believes so strongly in the line they produce that they have a performance money back guarantee.

EGO The EGO S2 Slider is the fishing industries gold standard in nets. With that same integrity EGO is a company that produces the finest tools and accessories that make each day on the water more pleasurable. Culling beams, pliers, measuring boards and weigh in bags are all produced with to the highest of quality standards. 

Have to have a Powerpole on my boat after just one season with it. It has spoiled me with how many ways it makes me a more effective angler. A proven tool that gives me the ability to work over every inch of cover and fish even in gale force winds.

Motorguide trolling motors take all the long "daylight to dark" hours, the wind of Lake Erie, the weeds of Lake Okeechobee and are ready to do all over again in the morning. Dependability you can count on and the power to take you where the fish are is what makes Motorguide the clear choice for me.


OWNER hooks The finest quality and innovation is what come to mind when I think of Owner hooks. When it comes to factors that hook and land more fish, hook choices, styles and design rise to the top of that list, which is why you find Owner products at the end of my line.


TH Marine TH Marine’s Atlas Hydraulic jack plate is one of the most unsung heroes on any boat, so I can maximize my performance regardless of what the conditions are like. Whether its the Hot Foot, Dual Kong Mount or endless variety of accessories that go on my Ranger boat TH Marine produces quality second to none.


Associate Sponsors

I spend a lot of time on the water and quite a bit of time behind the wheel getting to those destinations. I have my whole family in the truck, loaded with my Lance slide in truck camper and towing my Ranger boat down the highway I want the peace of mind that its all safe and secure. The people from Torklift manufacture the finest in towing equipment for truck campers and just about anything else you can dream up. I have tried the others and I am happy that I now have the best tools for the job. The Super Hitch, Super Truss extension, Stable loads, Original Fast guns and complete tie down systems make my rig road ready and Safe! I am happy to be a part of the Torklift Team!